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Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Oro del Maro"

From the western and eastern crestes of the high Impero Valley, sketched by Monte Grande and Pizzo d' Evigno, is the Valle del Maro. This old medieval stronghold full of terraces, saw the first crops of the "taggiasca variety"
in the xiv century. The Benedictine Monks, through their work, improved and defined the "cultivar", diffuse in the western Liguria. The Tallone mill, through the cold extraction (sinolea), produces a peculiar variety of Extra Virgin Oil; this is the first oil obtained after the press of the olives and it comes out as the first layer in the emerging way. During the first phase of pressing
a modest quantity of oil is picked up and put aside. It will not meet any further treatment such as contact with water or centrifugation; the outcome is a special oil, denser then the normal Extra Virgin Oil and very rich in aromatic ,poliphenolic and antioxiding stuffs. The "gold of Maro" is thus ideal for a right nourishment and particularly for children.

  • Package of 2 Bott. da 0.5 liter
  • Package of 4 Bott. da 0.5 liter
  • Package of 6 Bott. da 0.5 liter