Una storia di Sapori costruita nel tempo

The TALLONE Giovanni's Oleificio

In the year 1924 Costantino Tallone created his first oil mill; it was a hard work for that time, but he made it with passion. The oil mill of that time worked throught an iron wheel, that worked by waterpower; infact many mills of the valley rose along the Impero-Torrent. The olives were pressed by a mill-stone; the so obtained paste was put into round roles in coco fiber and put into a wooden-press. From this pression, exercited by hand or with the help of a mule, oil and vegetable water came out; the separation was obtained just by decantation.

In the 50th Giovanni Tallone, Costantino Tallone’s son, continued the activity in the oil-mill, developing new commercial contacts and trades, organizing a home service delivery still active today.
In the year 1980, he buit a new mill Borgomaro.